How To Wear White Shoes

Another trend we are seeing quite a bit this season? White shoes! Now, it might sound strange because we don’t often think of white as a color for shoes (after all, they get dirty) but it might be something that you want to look into – they are going to be the most sought after items this year.

Here are some places to start if you are afraid:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Fashion

Remember that shoes don’t have to be huge investments. Instead, they can be something that you wear for a few times just as fashion statement pieces. These aren’t the shoes you are going to wear in the board room, nor are they the shoes you will reach for when you need something comfortable to go grocery shopping in – instead, they are shoes that stand out in other ways.

White Boots

Right now, there is nothing more in style than white boots, no matter the season. They have a bit of a 60s and 70s vibe to them, but newer shapes and styles make them a huge hit across the board. Look for something with a heel that you can walk in (and tumbles will show on the white materials) but don’t be afraid to go for a shape you haven’t tried before now.

With Some Patterns

Some people are afraid to wear white shoes because they are so stark and plain – so why not avoid some of that fear and get a fantastic pair of shoes with a pattern?

With Some Edge

While most white shoes tend to have a bit of a pure quality to them, you don’t need to look that way all of the time. Instead, invest in a pair of sneakers that are white but have something a little different about them – maybe they have some distressing in some places, a few strategically placed spikes, or even some splashes of colors.

Don’t forget to take care of your shoes if they get dirty – the sooner you can tackle any stains or scuffing, the better off you will be.

Image by betsisman licensed under StockSnap (source: pixabay)