This Is The Perfect Fall Outfit for Guys

I saw this tweet from a friend and had to agree that, yes, this combo does make for the best fall outfit for men. Wearing god’s most perfect outfit: shorts and a long sleeve tee. — Myles Tanzer (@mylestanzer) September 14, 2020 And during quarantine, there’s no better time to keep the party going on the bottom with shorts. Just add a long-sleeve shirt that … Continue reading This Is The Perfect Fall Outfit for Guys

How to Wear Corduroy Pants

I love love LOVE how the cold weather months are rife with rich, textured-to-the-max clothes for guys. Flannel shirts come out from under the bed storage! Chunky knit sweaters are extracted from mothball-ridden closet corners. And at least three articles of leather go into practically every outfit. Belt, boots, jacket…the more the merrier. For those guys looking to enhance a more basic wardrobe, or those … Continue reading How to Wear Corduroy Pants