Shine Bright: New Ways to Wear Sequins

Can you wear sequins as an adult? This is a question many people have asked already, wondering whether or not they can get away with what was once a staple of our wardrobes. We all had that homecoming dress that had beautiful sequins sewn onto it, or a shirt that spelled out a word in sequins. You don’t have to give them up! Instead, you … Continue reading Shine Bright: New Ways to Wear Sequins

Weekend Style

The weekend is full of strolling through the park, catching up with friends, eating brunch and enjoying time away from work, and as relaxed as it is you need to ensure you have a great outfit for each event.   Brunch with friends: Weekends were made for brunch and there is nothing better than catching up with friends over mimosas and eggs benedict. A pair … Continue reading Weekend Style