Must-Have Blazers For Fall

One of the best new styles (that isn’t really new at all, but popular again) is the blazer trend. More and more, women are adding blazers that are oversized, cropped, bright, and patterned to their normal wardrobes to make everything look just a little more professional and put together. But how can you do that without looking like you are dressing up in your dad’s … Continue reading Must-Have Blazers For Fall

How to Add Glam To Your Daily Outfits

Every woman wants to feel glamorous – it is just part of who we are. We all want to know that we look our best. Sometimes, however, we just don’t have enough time in the day to get there. Luckily, there are some simple tricks that you can do to get there without having to completely revamp your wardrobe or spend more than a few … Continue reading How to Add Glam To Your Daily Outfits

5 Gifts for the Glam Girl on Your List

  It’s official! Time to start making those gift lists! Some people might be easy to gift…others, not so much. Lucky for you though, we will be sharing some of our best-loved finds this holiday season for just about everyone on your list, from the tech-savvy, to the rock chick, to the game geek, to the girly-girl, to the man’s man.  Why, we’ve even got … Continue reading 5 Gifts for the Glam Girl on Your List

Best False Eyelashes Review

  The first false lashes actually hit the silver screen in 1916, when legendary movie director, D.W. Griffith, gave a wig maker the directive to create lashes so long they would touch a starlet’s cheeks when she fluttered them or looked down.  Human hair was carefully weaved through gauze and then stuck to the lid with a type of cosmetics gum. We’ve certainly come a … Continue reading Best False Eyelashes Review