Fashion Inspiration: 1970s Tie Die

One of the biggest and boldest trends of all time has reemerged on the fashion catwalks this season: tie die. Now, this isn’t necessarily the psychedelic colorings and stylings of the 1970s. Instead, it is something a bit softer and more deliberate. In the end, this makes it much more wearable. Swimwear With warmer weather beckoning your name, you probably want to wear something that … Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: 1970s Tie Die

Fashion Inspiration: Rent Live

Rent Live! introduced the world to the musical that changed the world some two decades ago. As you can imagine, the fashion we will see in the next few months will be heavily inspired by some of the fantastic looks worn by the characters not only in Rent Live! but in the movie, on stage, and even the looks from the actresses and actors who … Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Rent Live

Fashion Resolutions To Keep In 2019

We all have fashion missteps that we make that we know we should stop doing – from buying low quality fabrics to wearing shoes that we know hurt our feet, there are just so many things that are universal. In 2019 and beyond, it is important to make some resolutions to enter into the new year. These are just a few of the resolutions that … Continue reading Fashion Resolutions To Keep In 2019

How to Wear Colored Sunglasses

How boring are black sunglasses? Sure they keep the sun out and keep your eyes safe, but they look the same as every other pair of sunglasses on the market today. Really, there is no sort of “personal style” that you can display when you only wear black sunglasses on a daily basis. So how can you spice up your wardrobe? Try colored sunglasses! They … Continue reading How to Wear Colored Sunglasses