Want to Make Real Changes in 2020? Choose a Word of the Year

Why it’s time you skip the resolutions and choose a “word of the year” in 2020 instead Did anyone else feel majorly shamed by all the novellas masquerading as Instagram captions cropping up in your feed last month? Folks pontificating on “Wow, as I reflect on this last year/decade, it’s wild how all my dreams came true after graduating from business school, getting married, having … Continue reading Want to Make Real Changes in 2020? Choose a Word of the Year

On When the Grass is Greener

As we charge headlong into spring (seriously, how is it April already?! Slow your freaking roll, 2019), I’ve been thinking a lot about change. We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but it’s not really accurate, is it? I mean, it’s lovely to say out loud and I like that it brings up fond childhood memories of paper cut-out flowers and glee-filled … Continue reading On When the Grass is Greener

Welcome to Commitments Month!

We had considered calling March our “Madness Month” but to be frank, that seemed a little too on the nose. Especially considering the less than lukewarm reception this week’s earlier rundown of the books, movies, and more I love featuring women at the center of the stories got crickets from almost all of you (what was that about, guys!), I’m feeling mad enough offline. No … Continue reading Welcome to Commitments Month!