On When the Grass is Greener

As we charge headlong into spring (seriously, how is it April already?! Slow your freaking roll, 2019), I’ve been thinking a lot about change. We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but it’s not really accurate, is it? I mean, it’s lovely to say out loud and I like that it brings up fond childhood memories of paper cut-out flowers and glee-filled … Continue reading On When the Grass is Greener

Welcome to Commitments Month!

We had considered calling March our “Madness Month” but to be frank, that seemed a little too on the nose. Especially considering the less than lukewarm reception this week’s earlier rundown of the books, movies, and more I love featuring women at the center of the stories got crickets from almost all of you (what was that about, guys!), I’m feeling mad enough offline. No … Continue reading Welcome to Commitments Month!