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About Danskin Now

Danskin Now is a unique line of activewear for women and girls. Brand features a wide assortment of loungewear and athletic wear in addition to specialty categories like intimates, swimwear, and shoes.


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Top 7 Bags Every Woman Should Own

It’s easy to spend lots of money on every bag trend that comes along, trust us. But no one can possibly afford keeping up with that game. The truth is, with just 7 bags (more or less), you can be completely prepared…and completely fabulous… no matter what the occasion, or the outfit!

  • The Tote – This is the carryall, and it usually comes with two straps for carrying options – shorter straps to be worn close under your arm on your shoulder, one longer strap to provide a bit more room under your arm. This classic Michael Kors will be perfect! Ideally, you would have 3 totes – one in black, one in brown, and one in a neutral nude color. But you can start with the black one…it usually goes with anything!
  • Day Clutch – This clever little tool can be kept inside your larger bag. A day clutch is perfect for carrying just the essentials on those quick trips to the store or to lunch from work, when you don’t want to lug around your tote. It can also make appearances at fun weekend meetings and lunch dates.
  • Metallic Evening Clutch – You know your tote won’t really go well with sequins or that fab lace crop top. You also don’t want to have to carry around all that stuff. You want to be partying it up on the dance floor, or laughing with your girls, drink in-hand. That’s where a metallic evening clutch comes in. It doesn’t necessarily need to be metallic, but do try for something fun and/or sparkly. And for even more maneuverability, opt for one with a wrist strap, like these from Coach.
  • Weekend Casual Bag – This bag is somewhere in between your favorite tote carryall, and your evening clutch. It carries some of your necessities, but not the full “kit and caboodle.” The ideal weekend bag is more on the casual side, and can be worn multiple ways…crook of the arm, under the arm, cross-body. It should also be a neutral in color, so it’s sure to go with everything.
  • The Cross-Body – It could be a hobo, messenger, or satchel style, but everyone needs a mid-sized bag that can be slung on cross-body to keep you hands-free while you’re on the move. Some cross-body bags can be casual, some can be dressier (often having a chain as the strap), but this clever little bag will be a lifesaver when going into big crowds.
  • Classy Backpack – These aren’t the backpacks that used to crease your shoulders carrying 900 pounds of books in high school. The classy backpack is huge this Winter, and we’re loving it. Avoid those made from cloth material, to keep it from looking too casual. Instead, any leather or leather-look that you would want in a tote, you should want in your backpack. Keep it simple too…don’t choose one with too many pockets or attachments. Thin-to-medium straps are also a must…nothing too thick and bulky.
  • Pop of Color Bag – This is the wildcard. This is where you can really let loose and have a bit of fun. This is the bag that will brighten up an otherwise “safe,” neutral, or monotone outfit. You can go for a bag in a bright hue (or several hues in one), maybe something with a little more in the way of zippers, buttons, chains, fringe, adornments. Just remember…think fun!


How to Stay Warm While Enjoying Winter’s Outdoor Activities

What is it about Winter weather that makes us just want to get out and enjoy nature? Sure, in the Summer, you can get out and enjoy nature just the same, but as the temperatures rise, you can only remove so many articles of clothing before….well…you get arrested. But in the Winter, you can bundle up and really make the most of the world around you! No matter what you fancy… hiking, camping, or even just enjoying a festive campfire with friends…we’ve got the gear you’re going to need to keep warm and keep going!

  • Base layers – Why are base layers so important? Why can’t you just throw on a thick jacket and be done with it? Well, not only do base layers make it easier for you to adjust your body temp as you go, but they can keep you warm without letting you get overheated when enjoying activities outdoors. True base layers (long-sleeved tops and bottoms with fitted ankles) are worn close to the skin and are form-fitting (but not overly tight), made from polyester, wool, synthetics, or a combination of all three, but not Cotton will retain moisture and but will not retain much-needed heat.
  • Insulating layers – Worn over base layers, insulating layers should still be made of the same materials – wool, polyester, and synthetics – but are a bit thicker (not so thick you can’t comfortably move though). In more moderate climates, you might be able to skip insulating layers and simply double-up on base layers. This layer will be the one that you layer on and off as your temperature, and that of the outdoors, fluctuates. That means your insulating layer is best comprised of pieces with zippers and/or buttons (like these) for ease of use.
  • Weatherproof layers – Your outermost layers will be windproof, waterproof, and breathable. On top, that means you’re looking for a good hard-shell jacket, with plenty of zippers for extra ventilation. Regular jeans or pants will work over your base layer, but in colder climates, you should add a pair of weatherproof or weather-resistant pants. Not only will they keep your pants and under-layer dry, but they help to cut the chill of the wind.
  • Hats/gloves –In cold weather, your body first loses heat through your extremities. That means hats and gloves are definitely in order! Again, try to look for fabrics like wool, polyester, or synthetics, since they will hold the heat better than cotton. Hats and gloves should fit snugly …and fleece-lining never hurts. And, in this day and age, look for gloves with smart touch fingertips, so you won’t have to constantly be taking them on and off to use your phone.
  • Boots/shoes – Footwear should be waterproof, with thick soles, and have a fit with a bit of room. The extra room not only helps with accommodating the thicker socks (hopefully wool) you’ll be wearing, but it will allow for warm air to circulate and keep those toes warm.

Finally, add a hard-shell, insulated or lined jacket, one designed to take the elements, and you’re set. If you layer-up properly, and choose the right fabrics and fits, your Winter time wanderings are sure to be toasty, warm, and wonderful!

The Perfect Jewelry for Every Neckline

You have never been afraid of trying new styles and trends. After all, you know better than to judge any outfit from how it looks on the hanger. The only problem is, once you’ve tried on that fierce top and you’ve fallen in love with it, how do you know what type of jewelry will compliment it, not distract from it? Matching a necklace to a neckline is all about creating a visually similar line. Fashion is a balancing act, with all the little individual pieces coming together to bring out the best in you, so let’s take a look at winning top/jewelry combos that will be guaranteed to hit all the right notes!

First, consider the occasion. You need to figure out if your chosen jewelry is not only appropriate for the neckline of your top, but also for where you plan on going. You may find that your great Grandma’s pearl and diamond necklace looks amazing with that top…but is it really practical for a weekend trip to the zoo with your 3 year old nephew who loves to grab things and pull them until they break? Probably not.

Once you decide the occasion, you can move on to the fun stuff…accessorizing!

Type of top: Turtleneck

Perfect jewelry for it: A longer chain or pendant, or layers of those

Reason: If you wear a shorter necklace it will tend to make your neck look shorter and thicker.

Type of top: Crew

Perfect jewelry for it: Bib or collar necklace

Reason: The length will hit right at the neckline of the shirt and mimic its shape, making it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Type of top: Scoop

Perfect jewelry for it: Shorter chains and pendants with some bulk and width to them, like a chandelier bib necklace

Reason: The scoop will expose a little more skin, providing a blank canvas for your necklace. A necklace with more bulk to it will also help to keep you from appearing over exposed.

Type of top: Strapless

Perfect jewelry for it: Choker or short pendant

Reason: Adds visual interest and splits the attention so all the focus won’t be on your cleavage.

Type of top: One shoulder/Asymmetrical

Perfect jewelry for it: There are two camps of opinions here. Some say avoid a necklace altogether and go with long, dangling earrings, while some say wear a necklace that is asymmetrical in design itself.

Reason: Most tend to let the top speak for itself and opt for earrings.  Reason being, the neckline of an asymmetrical top is visually interesting enough, and not overly revealing, so it can stand on its own.

Type of top: Collard button-up

Perfect jewelry for it: Short pendant

Reason: If you keep the necklace above the area where the buttons meet, you can avoid a messy look. The shorter, dangling pendant can still be seen, and mimics the shape created by the top, which is visually appealing.

Type of top: V-neck

Perfect jewelry for it: V-shaped dangling pendants or chandelier necklaces

Reason: You can safely add a v-shaped necklace that falls about an inch above the neckline of the top. This will mimic the shape of the neckline and elongate the look of your torso.

Type of top: Square

Perfect jewelry for it: Square or angular pendants

Reason: The straight lines of angular pendants will compliment the neckline of the top, adding even more visual interest.

Type of top: Cowl

Perfect jewelry for it: A short pendant or opt for earrings instead

Reason: A cowl neckline already has a lot going on with the folds of material, so a necklace might make it look too messy. It’s safer to stick with longer earrings.

Type of top: Sweetheart

Perfect jewelry for it: Longer drop pendant, Y-shape, lariat, or delicate v-shaped bib

Reason: The sweetheart neckline is one of the most popular shapes for wedding dresses. While you can pull off a shorter, simple necklace (like a single strand of pearls), you might instead want a necklace with a drop pendant…something to mimic the downward point of the neckline.


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