Five Ways to Make a Suit Feel More Like “You”

We consider it our mission here at Style Girlfriend to help guys look their best. And sometimes that means dressing up. We know, we know…that’s not always in a guy’s wardrobe comfort zone. So, how to wear a suit and make the style feel like your own? If you work in a corporate environment, odds are the suit is your sartorial bread and butter. And, like … Continue reading Five Ways to Make a Suit Feel More Like “You”

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

February 15, 2019 Who is the other half of your dynamic duo? Collaborate with a power player in your field today, as the Cancer moon glides into your seventh house of partnership. An outside perspective could help you swiftly elevate your efforts. Having trouble sharing responsibility with another person? You don’t have to hand over the entire project, but delegate tasks that you know your … Continue reading Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

February 14, 2019 Don’t feel like braving the V-Day madness? Keep it cozy at home today, as Mars nestles in Taurus and your foundational, familial fourth house. If you’re coupled up, order some delicious take-out from your favorite spot and chill at Chateau Aquarius. Single? Invite friends over to your pad for a movie night and some classic or vintage rom-coms. The domestic vibes will … Continue reading Aquarius Daily Horoscope

16 Ways Your Life Can Change With a Style Upgrade

I have this blouse—I call it my lucky top—and I wear it on all my first dates. It’s pretty and feminine without being overtly sexy. I’ve come to believe it has talismanic powers that help ward off bad dates, and always gets me “the second date ask-out” before the first one is over. While it’s a style upgrade from what I used to wear, it’s … Continue reading 16 Ways Your Life Can Change With a Style Upgrade