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About Eliza J

Eliza J is a modern dress collection for the sophisticated woman. Eliza J dresses are heralded for their exclusive prints and novelty fabrics. The brand is designed for the stylish yet polished woman who wants current fashion at reasonable prices. No wonder they are a leading manufacturer of party and cocktail dresses.Eliza J delivers dazzling dresses for your next party, wedding, or special event. Look your absolute best in Eliza J!

Why Shop Eliza J at Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of the biggest names in the retail industry, and with good reason. You can find almost any style, size, or type of clothing from Eliza J and if you get it home and it doesn’t match your style, you can easily return it thanks to the great online return policy. Furthering their customer service, Nordstrom sale associates (even those online or over the phone) really know what they are talking about when it comes to fashion.

Even better, Nordstrom tends to have fashion that fits all different body types, something not every online retailer can say. Most importantly, you’ll find great deals and some super sales on Eliza J quite regularly.


The Hottest Deals for Eliza J

Yes, that's right, we searched all over the web and found the hottest deals for Eliza J

Styling Tips for Curvy Girls

In this day and age, when everything in fashion and the media seems to be geared towards slim and skinny models, it can be difficult for curvy girls to find and style clothes that fit and flatter. Of course it’s easy to say that every woman’s shape is beautiful, but if that woman doesn’t feel beautiful, no outfit will work, no matter how much it costs. Luckily though, there are some tips and tricks you curvy girls can use that will amp up not only your outfits, but your confidence!

  • Don’t try to hide your shape – You may think that the more covered you are, the more you can hide your shape, and therefore, the better you will look. But nope. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite. Sure, if you are self-conscious about an area, you can keep it covered, but be careful not to hide away in too much fabric. That will do little more than make you look sloppy and, often times, even bigger than you actually are.
  • Invest in undergarments – If you don’t already know, shapewear can smooth out a multitude of jiggly bits. But don’t try to squeeze into something three sizes too small for you thinking it will make you look skinnier. Not only will you be horribly uncomfortable, but you will only end up pushing the fat from one place to another, creating rolls you didn’t intend on. Instead, find shapewear that fits, smoothing out areas that are in need. And be sure to invest in a good bra too! That can make a tremendous difference in how your clothes actually look and fit. Imagine how much better you will look if your boobs aren’t down at your waist! But please don’t guess your size. Many stores offer free bra sizing, so take advantage of it!
  • Try on, try on, try on – You may think you’re a certain size…but you almost certainly won’t be that size in every That’s why it’s important to try on everything. Don’t shy away from sizes because you think it’s too big, and don’t shy away from sizes thinking it’s too small and will never fit you. SIZE…IS…JUST…A…NUMBER.
  • Dress your shape – Curvy girls come in all different shapes and sizes. Once you know what shape you are, you will know what pieces will flatter you the most. There are loads of shape guides online to use as a reference. Whether you’re a triangle, rectangle, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, or oval, dressing to your shape is key to looking your best!
  • Get a tailor – Let’s say you found a fab button-down top that actually fits around your boobs…no gaping around the buttons…but the rest of the top is waaaay too big. Your first instinct may be to put it back on the rack, but you’d be making a mistake and missing out on a great wardrobe staple piece. One of the things you will need to accept as a curvy girl is that a lot of clothing won’t fit you perfectly right off the rack. That’s no excuse for wearing ill-fitting clothes though! The answer is to take those important pieces to a tailor. It can make all the difference between looking sloppy and looking sensational!



Fab Outfit Ideas for Meeting the Parents

There you are, happy and in love, birds chirping, rainbows filling every sky. But then comes that moment…the inevitable moment… when you have to meet the parents. Of course you know that your sweetheart loves you already, but still, first impressions can sometimes make or break you, and meeting the parents can be just plain nerve-wracking. So we’ve got a few beautiful ideas for getting a jump-start on a great first impression right here!

Pencil skirt and blouse – If the parents are more along the “preppy” line, then you can always play it both feminine and sophisticated with a pencil skirt and blouse combo. Be sure that the pencil skirt isn’t skin-tight, and if the blouse is sheer, be sure to layer a full-length (not a crop) camisole underneath. Finish with a demure pair of d’Orsay pumps with a moderate heel (this is not the occasion for stilettos).

Cropped boyfriend jeans and a fine knit sweater – If your “meet the parents” date is a bit more casual, a pair of cropped boyfriend jeans and a fine knit sweater would be a perfect outfit. Boyfriend jeans have a slightly more relaxed fit, so the sweater can also be loose, but not so baggy as to look sloppy. A delicate long necklace, diamond stud earrings, and a boyfriend watch will add the perfect touch of bling. And keep the outfit casual-cool with some leather low-heel ankle boots, like these Chelsea boots.

A-line dress and tights – An A-line dress has got to be one of the most versatile and flattering pieces of clothing you can own. It looks fabulous on every body type, equal parts fitted and flowy, and is perfect for so many occasions…especially this one! Be sure that the top is not too tight or too revealing, and that the skirt is not too short. Pair it with opaque tights and flats or a wedge pump. If it’s chilly, layer on a cute cropped cardigan.

Circle skirt and turtleneck – A circle skirt flatters the same way an A-line dress does, nipping in at the waist and flowing away from the hips and thighs. But be sure to keep the length of the skirt no shorter than mid-thigh. No matter if the turtleneck is a chunky or fine knit, just be sure it is not too tight, because what it lacks in skin-exposure, it can make up for in form-revealing. Here too, tights work well, and you can add some interest by going for opaque or thin, plain black or a complimentary hue for the rest of the outfit. For shoes, think low-heel ankle boots, flats, or even brogues. Skip a necklace, but add on a delicate pair of dangling earrings, a chain bracelet, and large-face black-strap watch.


An “Every Girl” Guide for Wearing Crop Tops

Maybe you passed on wearing a crop top this summer because you didn’t think it would suit you. Did you think that because you’ve got a curvy/pear shaped/plus size/boyish/inverted triangle/busty figure that the crop top was one trend that you’d have to sit out on? Well, there are many different kinds of crop tops, and we’re here to show you that no matter what your shape, come next summer, you can rock one with the best of ‘em!

  • Pear-shaped – The pear-shaped body is identified by having narrower shoulders and broader hips, so possibly you thought that a crop top would only accentuate those proportions? Well, if it’s the wrong kind of crop top, then yes, it could. So you should look for one that hits precisely at the vertical center of your rib cage. It is best paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt.
  • Plus-sized – The key here is all about proportions and fit, and by fit, we mean that the top should neither be too clingy or too loose. You can opt for a long-sleeved crop top, which is also great for camouflaging any arm insecurities you might have. Pair your top with a full skirt that’s nipped in a the waist, to really flatter your shape.
  • Curvy – Kim Kardashian knows her crop tops, you gotta give her that. If you look closely at how she works that style, you’ll notice that her crop tops are always slightly longer, hitting at her natural waist. She usually pairs the top with a form-fitting, high-waisted pencil skirt. Why is her fitting so precise? Because she knows (well…her stylist knows) that the curves immediately on either side of that center point will be highlighted while managing to make her waist look super small!
  • Boyish – If you try a small, tight, short crop top on a boyish figure, it will only serve to make that figure look even more boyish and rectangular. Instead, opt for one that is slightly looser in fit, one that will camouflage your possible lack of curves up top. If you pair it with a high-waisted maxi skirt or pair of flowy palazzo pants, the pieces will combine to give the illusion of more curves, while keeping your small waist in focus.
  • Inverted triangle – This body shape is identified by having slightly broader shoulders than hips. You might have also heard of it referred to as a “swimmer’s physique.” The most flattering crop top for you will be in a halter style, which will draw attention away from the width of your shoulders and torso, while still emphasizing the smallness of your waist. When paired with a fuller skirt, your feminine curves will be showcased!
  • Busty – It’s sometimes tricky to dress a busty figure, since the wrong fit can often lead to the wrong kind of attention. So your crop top needs to be perfect on fit. Not too tight, not too loose. You can opt for a high neck and/or long sleeves to minimize the emphasis on your chest as well. Paired with well-fitting (not tight) trousers, a high-waisted pencil skirt, or a full skirt, your look will be utterly on point!


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