What To Wear To The Gym This Year

Most of us have New Year’s Resolutions that we really struggle to keep, for whatever reason. However, the hardest resolution to keep for the highest number of people is the resolution to go to the gym more often. Just why is this resolution so hard to keep? Well, most resolutions are set up so that we fail. However, when you feel better in how you … Continue reading What To Wear To The Gym This Year

Color of the Season: Yolk Yellow

Coming out of the winter months can be difficult, especially if you are the type of person who thrives in the sunlight. That is why it is so important to embrace those warmer colors – and that is why it is also great that the color of the season now is a nice, warm yolk yellow. The color has been everywhere over the last few … Continue reading Color of the Season: Yolk Yellow

Transitional Pieces To Keep In Your Wardrobe

With the seasons changing, it is quite common to be confused about what you should wear. There are so many variations that you can pair together, but there are also problems with weather. What you wear in the morning may not always be appropriate in the evening and then you have to worry about which part of the day you should dress for – it … Continue reading Transitional Pieces To Keep In Your Wardrobe

Fitness Fashion Must Haves

Looking to get into better shape? So many people are headed to the gym after the holidays and as they start to focus on their resolutions. Still, a large majority of those people will stop going by the time February rolls around. What can you do to ensure that you aren’t one of those people? Studies show that people who feel better about themselves when … Continue reading Fitness Fashion Must Haves