How to travel in complete comfort (while still looking stylish)

We all know travelling any distance can be tiring and when you are travelling long distance the need for comfort is even greater. Whether you are travelling by plane, train or car, long distance or short haul you will want to ensure you are the most comfortable you can be. Travelling can be fun and with comfortable clothes you will find you will be able to get the most out of the experience.


Sweat pants:

If you are travelling long haul you will want to make yourself very comfortable on board and you will want to ensure you do not travel in tight fitting clothes especially as there are risks associated with travelling long haul. A pair of comfortable loose fitting sweat pants will keep you feeling relaxed all flight long.


Loose, relaxing t-shirt

When you are travel you will want to stay away from tight fitting clothes so a loose, casual t-shirt will keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable no matter how long your travelling experience is.


Sweater or Cardigan

If you are travelling by plane you will want to ensure you keep yourself nice and warm and with a cooler air system you can sometimes feel a little cold so even if it is warm at the location you get on the plane be sure to take a sweater or cardigan on board. A simple knitted cardigan will look great with a pair of casual jeans or pair a sweater with some comfortable sweat pants.


Soft shoes

A pair of soft shoes is a great option when travelling, ideally slip on’s. If you are travelling by car you might find you want to take your shoes off for comfort however you might also be in and out of the car at rest stops, so a pair of shoes which can be slipped on quickly. A pair of espadrilles or canvas shoes will work best in this situation.



Travelling by plane can be a chilly affair, and no matter whether you are travelling between warm locations or cold locations while you are on the plane you will want to ensure you keep yourself warm. One of the best ways to keep yourself warm on the plane is to ensure you keep your feet warm. Many people like to get on board and get comfy. Pack a pair of warm socks in your bag to keep yourself warm against the cooling air conditioning you often find on planes.


Image by epicantus is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)