Backpacks: How To Get The Best Ones

Backpacks aren’t very fashionable, right? They don’t always look great, they are mainly for utilitarian purposes, and if you can avoid carrying them, that’s the best choice – right?


Backpacks are actually one of the most fashionable items you can carry – and the most useful. Too often we think that fashion and function cannot mix, but the truth is that they absolutely can.

Fashion Forward Backpacks

Fashion forward backpacks tend to have more style and substance than other backpacks.  They are made out of high quality materials and they are done well. Look for unique shapes or finishings that will really set the bag off and make it stand out.

Smaller Bags

If you don’t have a lot to carry, a smaller bag is a great option. Not only will you look better carrying this, you will feel better as well. Smaller bags don’t allow you to pack as much into them, meaning that you won’t have some of the back problems that stem from backpack usage.

Clear Bags

Want something that is right on trend right now? Clear backpacks are a great place to start. Not only do you get to show off your cute gear, you get the chance to match this bag to everything. As we’ve talked about before, sheer items are really in style right now, so you will be able to follow through with this look.

If there are products that you don’t want the general public to see, you might want to put them in smaller bags that can go inside this bag, however.

Useful and Cute

A bag that is both useful and looks great? It is possible! Just make sure that you get a bag that is high quality and one that will last you a bit longer. Sometimes this meanst hat you have to make it a bit more of an investment, but that’s okay when you have a bag that you truly love.

Bags aren’t just for school anymore – you can use them on your daily trips, when you are traveling, or even to go to work. When you have a great bag that is in style, everything is possible.

Image by StockSnap licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)