Sadie Sink on Showing a ‘Different Side’ of Max in Stranger Things 4 and Her Love of Kate Spade

Stranger Things season 4 won’t be out until summer 2022, and Sadie Sink “honestly cannot say anything” about what’ll happen, she told during Kate Spade’s summer presentation on Tuesday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But the 19-year-old actress sweetly offered a little tease about her character Max’s journey. “I’m really happy with where Max’s storyline went for season four,” she said. “I think you see a different side of her that I’m really excited to share with everyone.”

sadie sink at kate spade new york's summer 2022 presentation

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She also confirmed that the cast is truly is as close-knit as they look: “It’s always a fun time with this cast,” she said. “We’ve got a really good group of people. This cast is like my family at this point. We’ve been working together for so long so it’s really nice, especially during the pandemic, just really appreciated being able to be in person with one another, and working together, and just enjoy filming together.”

Sink’s appearance at Kate Spade’s summer 2022 presentation—set in a cabana-themed rooftop complete with cocktails, summer short sets, and gorgeous floral and plaid print dresses—capped off an incredibly big month for the teenage star. In November, Sink starred in Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” short film and appeared in Stranger Things’ season 4 trailer (released on Stranger Things Day, Nov. 6) as hype for the show continues to build.

At the presentation, Sink spoke to about her deep-rooted love for Kate Spade (she first partnered with the brand in 2019), her evolving personal style, and Max’s impact on the clothes she gravitates toward.

sadie sink, tom mora, and katie holmes at kate spade new york summer 2022 presentation

Sadie Sink, Tom Mora, and Katie Holmes at kate spade new york’s Summer 2022 Presentation.

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I want to touch a little bit on Stranger Things. Max has such incredible fashion. How has her style influenced yours as you’ve played this character for years now?

I think it’s interesting, all the ’80s trends, like the high-waisted jeans. And Max is a very cool skater girl, California style. I think season three, especially, she wore a lot of bright colors. I would kind of be inspired to play with more color when I was shooting season three.

Kate Spade has been a long time favorite of yours. What’s your first memory of the brand growing up?

I think my first memory of Kate Spade, they had a beautiful store in the mall where I grew up. I’d just go with my friends all the time, and look at all the bags. And I was never allowed to have any of them. But I would always look at them like, “Oh, one day I could.” So being able to work with the brand is always, since I was younger, it’s been kind of surreal.

You’ve been working with Kate Spade for two years now. What’s been the most exciting part of the partnership to you?

I think the campaign that I recently did with Tim Walker, those photos were beautiful. And it was the first campaign that I’d ever done, really. So that’s probably the most special memory and collaboration that I’ve done with Kate Spade.

Kate Spade

metallic ribbed turtleneck

kate spade


What’s your favorite Kate Spade piece you own?

My favorite piece I own, I’d probably say, right now it’s this burgundy turtleneck sweater. I’m really into that right now.

Kate Spade is such a beautiful, colorful brand. How has it inspired your own personal style?

I think, like you said, it’s very colorful, so being inspired by Kate Spade’s bold prints and just different effort. I feel like I can kind of slip into neutral tones. So if I want to brighten up an outfit, try out fun prints, Kate Spade always has a lot of options for that.

We’re entering holiday party season. I feel like it’s such a great time for bold fashion. Is there anything you’re really excited to wear during the holidays?

Honestly, I really love chunky oversized knitwear. Just anything comfortable, really. I think it’s sweatpant season. I can feel them.

sadie sink at kate spade new york's summer 2022 presentation

Kate Spade’s Summer 2022 collection.

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How would you describe your own personal style now?

I think it’s definitely evolved over the years. Right now I’m just kind of into whatever’s most comfortable and easy. I like to play with color a lot. And I’m always down to try anything new.

Is there any favorite color you gravitate toward or any style you’re particularly into right now?

Right now? Right now it’s a lot of greens, greens and blues.

They’re such fun, earthy, cool-tone colors. What are your wardrobe essentials right now?

Wardrobe essentials right now, like I was saying before, I have just a bunch of oversized sweaters that I’ll wear. Just throw them on with baggy jeans. It’s kind of baggy everything right now. But I’d say essentials right now are definitely—I’m rotating between these three sweaters. And also white sneakers, always have a good pair of white sneakers.

sadie sink at kate spade new york's summer 2022 presentation

John LamparskiGetty Images

What color are the sweaters?

I have a white one. I have a bright red one. And the burgundy one that I mentioned, the Kate Spade.

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