Incorporating Camouflage Into Your Wardrobe

Going into the next season, you are going to continue to see one trend: camouflage. This is a trend that has been popular but many people thought would go away, but all signs point to it staying for a while. It is partly because of the trends in style but also because some designers are doing some really great stuff.

A Camouflage Jacket

One of the easiest ways to incorporate camouflage into your wardrobe is to use a jacket. This adds just a pop of the popular pattern to your wardrobe and then you can take it off again.

Make sure that you get a camouflage jacket that has some structure, but not too much. With not enough, you will look like you don’t really care but with too much, you lose some of the appeal of the pattern.

Start With Black on Black

If you aren’t quite ready to start with the traditional camouflage pattern, you may want to start with something that is just a bit more subtle. When you have a black on black camo pair of leggings, for example, you get some sheen of camo but it isn’t something that yells at you.

There are plenty of other examples of this – you can get sweaters that only have one small camo panel, shoes that have a hint of camo, or even something that is lined in a camo print. However, black on black is the chicest way to start.

The Pants of the Season

If you are looking to fully embrace the camo trend, you want to start where the trend started: cropped camo joggers. This trend is extremely popular and it will continue to be so throughout the rest of the season. Why? It matches easily with so many other styles and it is pretty comfortable.

Add It To Your Shoes

If you aren’t ready to have a full block of camouflage on your body just yet, start small by getting camouflage shoes. Sneakers, in particular, are great because they tend to be sportier overall and you can get them dirty and people won’t notice right away.

Just make sure that you get something that matches the attitude of camo.

How are you going to add camo to your wardrobe? Or is this a trend you want to ignore?

Image by SnapwireSnaps licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)