Fitness Gear For 2022 To Keep Your Resolutions

Do you have a resolution to get back in shape for 2022? So many of us allowed ourselves to eat a little bit too much and move a little too little over the last year, and now we need to get back on track. It isn’t hard! You need to be gentle with yourself and understand that living through a pandemic put your body under … Continue reading Fitness Gear For 2022 To Keep Your Resolutions

Getting Back On Track To Return To Real Life

Are you a little worried about returning to real life? We are all looking a little worse for the wear after the last year and it can be difficult to imagine ever looking our best again. However, it is certainly possible if you are willing to start now. Here are some of the ways we suggest getting back on track to return to real life: … Continue reading Getting Back On Track To Return To Real Life

Color Of The Season: Gray

One of the nice things about having a new color story to wear every year is that sometimes the color of the year is something that you already have. Many of us buy gray clothing all the time without even knowing that we are in style. This year, gray is one of the top colors for all clothing styles. There are just so many options … Continue reading Color Of The Season: Gray

Nordstrom Sales You Need To Check Out

We all know that Nordstrom is a place you can go to get an outfit for just about any occasion. But what about their sales? You can find some great things at prices that are more affordable than you’d expect. Don’t believe us? Here are a few of the different sales that you may want to consider looking into this month: Great Springtime Jacket When … Continue reading Nordstrom Sales You Need To Check Out

Sweaters You Need ASAP

There is just something special about sweaters. They are cozy, warm, and instantly take any outfit to the next level. Plus, there are just so many different options that you will never feel like all of your clothes looks the same. If you don’t have a lot of sweaters in your wardrobe, you are in luck, as many designers and stores are making some great … Continue reading Sweaters You Need ASAP