5 Workwear Pants Outfits for Guys

Workwear pants are a casual alternative to jeans (perfect for No Jeans January!) that look and feel more rugged than chinos. *** It should come as a surprise to exactly no one that I’m very into this “shipster” style that Megan recently wrote about over on The Inventory. Think: hipster-meets-salty old fisherman vibes. An essential part of this 2020 trend? A sturdy pair of pants. … Continue reading 5 Workwear Pants Outfits for Guys

Chic Mid-Season Workwear

  We’re moving into that awkward in-between season phase, where it’s not quite the frigid bleak of Winter, but not yet the sun-warmed kiss of Spring…so you (and your wardrobe) might be a bit confused as to what is apropos for the office. Well, we’ve got some fool-proof solutions for stylishly bridging that mid-season gap! Thin turtleneck and a blazer – This is an easy … Continue reading Chic Mid-Season Workwear