4 Stylish Ways to Show Up for Thanksgiving

When one thinks about Thanksgiving, it isn’t always about looking great. In fact, eating a ton of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie is basically an invitation to wear stretchy leggings and an oversized sweater. However, if this is the only time of the year where you see your judgemental aunts, it might also be the best time to show up in your most fabulous pieces. After all, you can change as soon as you get home.

So what are some stylish (yet comfortable) ways to make a statement this Thanksgiving? Here are a few key pieces:

Dress It Up

Let’s be honest here – we almost always wear dresses when we don’t feel like we will be comfortable in more fitted pants, so why should Thanksgiving be any different? Wearing a dress that gives you some extra room in the tummy area will be cute and comfortable after you inhale all of the potato dishes that your mom makes each year.

Aim for a dress that is casual and doesn’t skim too closely to your body. The key is to buy something in a breathable fabric (for all those questions about your love life) and something that won’t show too many stains if an errant gravy droplet falls from your turkey.

Keep It Cozy

Don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard? Take your best knitwear sweater and throw that overtop your comfortable pants or leggings. This will bring your look together and has that polished feel that you still want. Make sure not to wear knit that is too cheap or falling apart – you want something that still looks (and feels) expensive.

Comfortable Shoes

Whether you are helping with dishes or there simply aren’t enough seats, you might want to think about your feet on Thanksgiving day. It is likely that you will be eating more salt than you regularly do, so you want to consider that when choosing your footwear.

A great pair of booties might be more comfortable because of the additional support, and you won’t have to worry about cutting off the circulation once your feet swell. Just make sure to bring sneakers if you typically engage in after dinner football.

Football Casual

Speaking of football, if your family tends to partake in some football or even an after-dinner walk, you want to have layers of clothing you can wear instead of just your winter coat – which probably doesn’t allow for much movement anyway.

Even if you are only trying to get back at your kid cousin for the time he tripped you last year, come with your best gear to win. Baselayers are always the best places to start.

Are you ready to face your hometown for Thanksgiving? With these style tips, you won’t have to be afraid to run into someone from high school at the gas station.


Image by Rawpixel is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)