Amplify Your Spring Break Style

Going away for spring break? It doesn’t matter where you are going, you will want to amplify your style to make for some great social media shots. For many people, this will be the last spring break, so it is extra important to go all out for this one.

How can you amplify your spring break style so that you can really shine? Here are a few pieces:

Sun Glasses

Depending on where you are coming from, you probably haven’t seen the strong sun in some time. Sunglasses are almost always a necessity no matter where you go. On spring break, they can help you to look cute when you’ve had a little bit too much to drink the night before or when you haven’t had any time to do your make up.

No matter what anyone tries to push, big sunglasses are always going to be in style.

Flip Flops

Heels are a lot of fun, and so are sneakers, but depending on where you go, flip-flops are going to be a necessity as well. There are no shoes that are better than flip-flops for road trips, walking on the beach, or going somewhere where you need to have the least amount of fabric on you as possible.

Try to get flip flops with at least some arch support so that you don’t have trouble walking.



Concealer is going to be your best friend when you go away for spring break. There is nothing better to conceal your dark circles from nights when you drink too much, sleep too little, and eat too much salt. Make sure to get something that will blend with your skin and match fairly well.

Getting a good concealer that won’t crease is the perfect way to ensure great photos – no matter what you were doing minutes before.

A Jacket

Even on spring break, there are going to be moments when you get cold. A jacket will help you to feel warmer no matter when that is. Bring a lightweight jacket that you can use for protection from the sun, the cold, and even as a pillow if the trip there gets uncomfortable. You are going to be spending at least some time inside, so you want to be prepared for everything.

Bring a jacket that won’t wrinkle easily and isn’t something that you have to take care of too much – you’ll be too busy with other things.

Image by silviarita licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)