Wardrobe Necessities for Spring Weather

What do you need to make it actually feel like spring? While the weather may not have changed quite yet, stores are  already showing off their spring clothing. However, while you want to be cute and on trend in the spring months, you also want to be comfortable. With spring weather, that isn’t always something that you can be.

Lace Dresses

Most women love to wear lace, though they won’t admit it. For spring, lace dresses that are a little bit longer will by lifesavers. You can add a sweater overtop so that you are comfortable when it is cooler, but as that sun heats up, you can take it off and get some air. Even better, they are a super easy addition for your packing when you go away for spring break or even on a business trip.

Lace dresses aren’t always appropriate either, but they can be a lot of fun during this season.

Chunky Heels

Thank goodness chunky heels came back because they are a lot of help during the spring months. With soil and yards that are soggy, you don’t want to sink whenever you go out and about. Still, you don’t want to wear flats or flip flops to every event. Wearing chunky heels will help to distribute your weight so that you don’t have to worry about sinking into the ground. Just make sure that you get a pair in lighter colors or even a floral print – it is spring after all.

SPF In Your Make-Up

While you should be wearing SPF all year round, ensuring that you have SPF in your make-up will help you to stay younger looking all throughout this season. Aim to wear sunscreen every day on your extremities and on your face. Invest in a foundation that has sunscreen in it so that you don’t have to worry about it messing with your make-up. Even more, ensure that your lips and eyes are protected from the sun every time you go outside.

Hats, shoes, lightweight sleeves, and more can protect you from the sun.

Rain Boots

Let’s be honest, there aren’t too many “cute” rainboots on the market today, so you have to shop early to get a pair. Even if they are chunky and aren’t always fun, you want to find rainboots to wear for those days when the weather is just too bad. It isn’t worth putting your health at risk just so you can look cute. Wear the rainboots and bring your heels in your bag.

Spring is right around the corner – get shopping today.


Image by jill111 licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)