Essential Menswear Pieces – Part One


There are certain items that every well-dressed man has in their wardrobe. These are perennial classic pieces that will work, year in, year out, even as other styles and trends come and go. These are the pieces that can be found, no matter what your budget. And it’s these few staple pieces that will fill out, dress up, and keep your wardrobe stylish, always!

Navy blue suit – The navy blue suit can be a go-to in so many ways and for so many different occasions. Why does it work? It’s not as harsh and severe as a black suit can sometimes be, and navy is also a neutral, so it tends to mix with almost anything. Also, as a bonus, the pieces can be worn separately, which means you can get more mileage out of the suit as a whole. Some great choices include this, this, this, and this.

Textured and Pattered blazer – Why do you need a textured or patterned blazer? Because it is dressy (being a blazer), but still more casual than a suit jacket, and it can be worn over chinos and slacks just as easily as jeans. Plus, the pattern and texture can add loads of visual interest to your outfit. Here are some perfect options, like this and this from Peter Millar, this blazer from Hickey Freeman, and this one from JKY New York.

Dark brown and black wingtips – Come on. You know that for absolute classic shoe style, it’s hard to beat a pair of wingtips. They are the definition of “dress shoe.” And thanks to today’s fashion-forward thinking, you can pair them with jeans just as easily as you can with dress slacks or suit pants. Try a pair of quintessential wingtips, like these, these, and these, or something with a more modern edge like these and these.

Black low-top sneakers – The best thing about black sneakers is that they can more readily be worn at night to dress up any pair of pants (not just jeans)… but make sure that they have clean lines, with not a lot of decoration or embellishment, like these, these and these with two-tone texture, or even classics like these Adidas or Converse.

Camel colored trench or topcoat – No matter what the year or current trend, nothing makes a timelessly cool statement like a camel colored trench or topcoat. Aim for something that’s more fitted, with not a ton of extra room (the baggier the coat, the sloppier the look). Opt for trenches like this and this, or handsome overcoats like this and this. Epic for any era!


Free image courtesy of Google Free Images