Transitional Pieces To Keep In Your Wardrobe

With the seasons changing, it is quite common to be confused about what you should wear. There are so many variations that you can pair together, but there are also problems with weather. What you wear in the morning may not always be appropriate in the evening and then you have to worry about which part of the day you should dress for – it can be quite frustrating to get dressed in the morning without having to worry about looking like you are carrying your entire wardrobe with you in the evening.

So what should you do? You want to have some transitional pieces that will help you bridge the gap in fashion for the next few weeks.

Hardy (But Chic) Boots

You want to put away those snow boots as soon as possible, but you don’t want to wear sandals or you feet will get cold. Footwear is quite difficult in this transitional time. This is why you should invest in a pair of boots that are hardy but don’t feel like snow boots. These are the type of boots that you can wear when it rains and not feel like you are going to slip, but you can also wear on the warmer days without worrying that your feet are going to be sweaty.

Try to find boots that are waterproof as a general rule.

Spring Jackets That Keep You Warm

In the springtime, it can be quite warm when you are in the sun, but you aren’t always going to be in that sun. Instead, you will feel a little chilly whenever you are on public transportation, walking around tall buildings, or when you get home after the sun goes down. You have to ensure that you have a proper jacket that will keep you warm. However, jackets can feel so heavy and winterlike, so how can you bring them into the spring season? Invest in a lightweight jacket that has some spring details so that you can mix and match it with other things.

Layer It Up

One of the ways many of us welcome in a warmer season is to start wearing skirts and dresses again – our legs are tired of being encased in wool or denim. However, we can’t exactly wear what we want to wear right away because it is cold. That is where layering tights come in handy. You can get tights that are flesh toned, colored, or patterned to add some interest to your outfit.

Add A Hat

Since we lose most of our body heat through our heads, adding a hat to your outfit can help to make it just a little warmer. Hats are also much easier to carry than an extra coat or sweater if you get too warm. Of course, they can also make bad hair days much better.

How will you ensure your wardrobe transitions?

Image by  nastya_gepp licensed under StockSnap (source: pixabay)