Color of the Season: Holographic

Do you love holo? Holo (or holographic print for those not in the know) is a silvery material that gives off rainbows in certain light. It has to give off more than two colors or it is considered to be a dual chrome. Those who love holographic prints are very serious about it – and their passion has made it one of the go to “colors” or fabrics for this season.

It isn’t something that everyone is going to be open to wearing. Instead, it is something that you might want to play around with or wear only on special occasions. For most of us, this isn’t something we can wear to the office.

So how can you work it into your wardrobe? Take a look:

Just a Hint of Holo

When you add just a hint of holo to your outfit, you will stand out without screaming. For example, adding some paneling to a jacket can make it unique and different, but not seem like a costume. This also makes it much easier to wear in everyday situations – just make sure the rest of your outfit is quite understated.

On Your Feet

Walking around on rainbows every day will surely make each one just a bit brighter, right? Holographic shoes that are still professional might be hard to find, but they are out there. When you find a pair that you like, make sure to snatch them up as soon as possible because they are selling out incredibly fast – especially in the most common sizes.

Something Fun

Want to take everyone by surprise with your style? Mix holographic colors into your wardrobe easily by choosing a set piece to make holographic. You can pick just about anything, from a skirt to a blazer. These aren’t the things to wear to the office and instead will be something you wear a few times, so you don’t necessarily want to make a huge investment in any one piece of clothing.


One of the best ways to wear the holographic trend is to wear some make up that will set off the rest of your look. Go for richer colors with holographic finishings for the best, most approachable way to look great this season. Holographic nail polish started the holo trend, and now there are plenty of options out there that are either holographic or that you can use to get a more holographic look.

How will you add holo to your wardrobe?

Image by rawpixel licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)