Fall Necessities for Your Wardrobe Transition

As the weather is starting to change, it is time to think about how you can help your wardrobe transition from one season into the other. With some of the stranger weather patterns that we have been having, it might seem like you should just keep your entire wardrobe out at all times.

Instead, you might want to invest in a few key pieces of your wardrobe that will help you to transition from one season to another seamlessly. These are the pieces you can add to an outfit for the colder mornings but take off when the weather gets warmer in the afternoon.

What are these pieces? Let’s break it down:

Statement Scarves

Scarves are fantastic transitional pieces because they have so many different uses. Wrap them around your neck to keep out the chill, attach them to your bag in the afternoon for a stylish look, use them to shield your hair from the rain, or even wear them as a shirt, dress, or skirt with some great folding and tying.

You want to ensure that your scarf is high quality and double sided because they do have a tendency to flip around.

Long Necklaces

When you wear a long necklace in the summer months, it has a tendency to get hidden in lower cut shirts. As the temperatures drop, the necklines go higher and higher. This is why winter and fall are the times to wear longer necklaces that will stand out against a plain sweater.


Hats are the perfect transitional pieces because they are “in” in just about every season and they always look great. They are also perfect when the weather changes and you have to deal with wind, rain, or the sun beating down on your head. Get a hat that will match your jacket, sweater, or scarf for the transition between fall and winter.

Boot Socks

When it comes to footwear, this is the thing we try to drag out the furthest between season. When you add boot socks to your existing boots, you make them just a little more comfortable to wear no matter what the season is. It is also a great way to protect your feet from the chill that can settle in, especially when you walk a lot.

If you want your wardrobe to go the distance, make sure that you have transition pieces in place.

Image by DzeeShah licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)