Color of the Season: Navy Accents

When you think of colors that signify the colors the season, you might think that navy is a winter or fall color, but you’d be wrong (at least this year). It is quickly becoming apparent that the color of spring into summer reflects the bluer skies, the bluer waters, and the temperatures that typically chase our blues away.

This time, they are here to stay.

Navy blue is going to be a huge color of the season – but you probably don’t have many spring appropriate blue pieces in your wardrobe, so you might want to stock up on it:

Start With Small Details

If you aren’t completely sold on navy as a spring color, you might just want to start with some smaller details. For example, you can wear a jacket with blue piping but it is a light color for the majority of the jacket. Or maybe you just want to throw a blue belt onto your outfit. Or maybe, you will choose to wear a great lightweight dress with blue polka dots to get that navy into your wardrobe.

Just Go For A Pop

If you are looking for a full on pop that screams trendy but doesn’t add to the warmth of that springtime sun, consider going for a blue bag. You can get something that is larger to hold more things, or you can choose to have a smaller bag. Whatever you do, make sure that it has some fun details like a flower or some beading that makes it seem a little more like springtime.

Go Basic: Denim

One place navy was always going to be in the springtime? On your pants, shorts, or capris. Going with denim shorts or pants is a great way to bring pieces you might have in your wardrobe and make them seem trendier. Of course, there are so many different styles so no one should complain they can’t follow through with this one.

Go For Traditional Silhouettes in Navy

If you are looking to bring navy into spring, you may want to look for more traditional spring silhouettes and just buy them in navy colors: a great mini skirt, a basic tank top, some fun shoes or sandals, or even a great lightweight hat. Of course, if you don’t like them, you can always repurpose them in the winter.

How will you wear navy?

Image by shrikeshmaster licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)