Top casual shoes to see you through the summer

Summer is a time of rest, relaxation and being able to wear a wardrobe that is generally off limits the rest of the year due to the lack of sun and warmth. It is a great time to really embrace your outdoor nature and alongside that comes a more casual and comfortable style. Today we are going to focus on those relaxing, comfy shoes that will keep you feeling comfortable whatever your summer plans are.


Relaxed Espadrilles

One of the favourite summer shoes which work brilliantly with jeans, shorts and summer outfits. Espadrilles are a light canvas slip on shoe in various, colors, styles and prints. Often made with a jute type base and a strong sole these shoes are the epitome of summer comfort. Their lightweight material helps your feet breathe which is an absolute must throughout the summer.


Canvas lace ups

Another great casual shoe to see you through the summer months is a pair of canvas lace ups. These shoes are made of canvas, are fairly lightweight in their nature, help your feet to breathe and are great for summer days when you need a little more stability to your shoes. If you are out and about and on your feet all day your will need something strong and sturdy while offering you comfort and style at the same time. Choose these for your summer adventures and keep your feet comfortable and cool all summer long.


Comfortable flip flops

Flip flops are the epitome of summer fashion, perfect for running errands, relaxing in your yard or hanging out at the beach or lake. Easy to put on, comfortable to wear and even easier to clean all puts flip flops up there with the best of summer footwear. There are a number of different varieties of flip flops around, from affordable to slightly more expensive. If you are looking for a pair which are mid-way between affordable and more expensive Havaianas flip flops have a great range, and they are quirky too. From simple colorful flip flops to themed and bright ones too and not to mention their comfort is 10/10.


Ballerina style flats

Slightly more dressed up but equally works with the more relaxed outfits, ballerina style flats are a brilliant option for keeping your look casual this summer. If you are looking for something to wear during the day with a skirt, pants or jeans then ballerina style flats might be just for you and will leave you looking stylish and put together.


Gladiator Sandals

If you are looking for a little bit more style when it comes to your summer shoes then look no further than a pair of flat gladiator sandals. Whether they are ankle or knee high, gladiator sandals will ensure your outfit looks on trend and out of this world from the moment you put them on. Looking to transform that summer shorts outfit? A pair of gladiators will do just that.


Image by Sebastian2nd is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)