Top summer nail trends

When it comes to talking about summer fashions one area which often gets left out is our nails. With an amazing array of nail polish colors there is something for everyone. Now before you start you are going to want to get your nails looking in tip top condition so do not scrimp on your nail care. You can select some softening cuticle balm to moisturise and a nail accessory kit with all the tools your will need to keep your nails looking fantastic.


Summer is full of bright sunshine and great colorful surroundings and this should reflect on your nails. Pastel nails are a hot trend this summer and look great with your nails in all one color of a combination of a couple of colors. Painting your nails in different colors is a trend that has come full circle and with contrasting pastel colors makes your nails look cute and ready for summer.


When the sun shines it always looks great when you have bright nail polish shining off of your hands, think bright colors such as oranges, yellows, red, blues and greens, oh and not forgetting how great turquoise looks on your nails in the summer too. Match your nails to your outfit of completely contrast, either way bright nails are a must this summer season.


Stay away from dark colors:

There is plenty of time to tote your dark nail polishes throughout the dark and dank winter months, but for summer you will want your hands to make an impact. Stay away from blacks, browns, dark reds and purples, although these are great colors and always look great on your nails it is best to save them for the colder winter months when you will not really want to be wearing the pastels and brights of the summer season.


White is alright:

White nail polish is often overlooked but looks brilliant on both your hands and feet throughout the summer months. Bright white or a pink-white shows up nicely in the same way a soft pastel color would and helps to draw attention to your hands.


Nail art:

Not for the faint hearted, but nail art is now all the rage and if you have hit a creativity slump as far as your nails go then you might want to add a little something extra to your nails. There are many different kits out there, but if you are a dab hand at nail art why not try a nail art kit. Alternatively pick up some fun nail decals and brighten up your nails for summer. You can either use a decal on each nail or just use one on a feature nail on each hand.


French tips:

Is there any occasion which does not suit a French tip manicure? I really do not think there is. If colored nails are not really for you then you can keep your nails looking fresh and stylish with a French manicure. Pale pink nails, a white tip and made to look shiny and healthy with a great top coat, this is a nail look that will go with every outfit.


Image by picjumbo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)