Pieces You Can Invest In Now For a Lifelong Wardrobe

Fashion is always changing, this is something that we all know. In fact, sometimes it seems that just when you can get a certain garment, you have to donate it because the trends have already changed. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. There are some styles of clothing that will always be popular and you can invest now in a high-quality garment instead of always buying cheaper versions of it.

Are you looking to build your lifelong wardrobe? Here are a few options to start it:

A Button Up Shirt


Whether you cinch it in at the waist with a knot to look like a certain pop princess or you wear it down to make waves in the boardroom, a button up shirt is always going to be a garment that you can wear in so many different ways. Branch out and try to find new and exciting ways to wear it, and you will never run out of ideas.

A button up shirt that is high quality (and is never wrinkled) will give you a lot of wear.

A Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces sometimes get a bit of a bad reputation. Sometimes people think they are gaudy or too old lady. However, they are a guaranteed way to make an outfit seem classier and more sophisticated. If you buy a pearl necklace that is high quality and doesn’t have too much “extra” with it, you will have a piece that you can wear forever.

If you can, invest in pearls that will really go the distance.

Mary Janes

Not just an Urban Shoe Myth, Mary Janes in all styles (and heights) are always going to be a great staple, no matter how young or old you are. Mary Janes make any outfit look that much better, especially if you need something that isn’t too distracting. Since these are perfectly acceptable for work, make sure to get a pair that are comfortable to walk in and will stay looking great for years at a time.

One word of caution – try to stay away from Mary Janes with souls that are too thick because they look a bit like children’s shoes.

Great Jeans

A pair of jeans can be a lifelong investment if you buy them well and you keep yourself in shape. Jeans are a staple of any wardrobe, so they ought to be something that you buy only once in a while. Buying quality jeans will allow them to shift and meld to your body so that they stay comfortable.

Which of these items will you add to your wardrobe first?

Image by StockSnap licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)