Ways to Accessorize a Button up Shirt

The button up shirt is one of the most common items in our wardrobes, but they tend to be a bit boring as well. They are so stuffy and everyone pretty much looks the same in them, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, you can dress your button up shirt up a bit so that you can still retain your individuality.

Here are some tricks:

Add Some Bling


If you can’t really change your work wardrobe, you have to get fashionable with your accessories. Statement necklaces are always going to be the best way to dress up a boring outfit. If you have a statement necklace that dangles just low enough to go under the collar, you will be able to dress up even the most basic of dress shirts. Even better, you will be able to show off your individuality.

Add Boots

If you are feeling daring, why not make that button up shirt a dress? That way, you add a little more sensuality and appeal to the outfit. Even better, you have a more versatile way to wear it. Make sure that your boots are a little more fashionable and daring – you don’t want to add cowboy boots. Instead, add thigh high boots or something that is a little bit more fun than a pair of heels or flats.

Remember to keep everything else simple if you are going this route.

Change Up the Silhouette

If you can, don’t go with the button up that is larger and boxy with long sleeves. Instead, you can mix and match your own style with the button up shirts. Try something with a few extra pleats, beautiful buttons, or even without sleeves. This is the type of shirt that is always going to be in style, so you will find many blouses and shirts with this silhouette.

Go Completely Menswear

If you have to wear a button up shirt, why not go completely into the menswear realm? You can wear a great tie that you don’t have to tie in an actual tie, but you can use it as a belt or in another fun way. You wear a pair of oxfords that will make you seem fashionable and funky. You can even add some thick glasses. Use a tie to add a pop of color or go for the unexpected.

Your style is your own and you can make even the most basic of shirts something that you will love.


Image by nastya_gepp licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)