Fall 2018: What Fashion Week Promised Us

While Fashion Week has turned into “fashion month” more or less, it is time to do a wrap up of some of the trends that we saw at Fashion Week 2018. While many of these trends won’t officially start until late summer or early fall, you will surely see these trends creeping into popular style as early as next month.

All That Glistens is Gold

Gold was a huge trend on the catwalk this season, from gold in your makeup to gold on your body. We’ve seen this color coming back in jewelry, but now it is something that you will see almost everywhere. You’ll have to be careful so that you don’t look like a Christmas decoration, so you want to go as subtle as possible.

A great pair of glittery gold heels is sure to get a ton of wear for the next year or so – invest wisely. Similarly, gold eyeshadows, eyeliners, and body glitter will be a trend in many make up collections throughout the rest of the year.


Taking a Harder Edge

The 80s are coming back even more, and with them, you will find at ton of leather. If you aren’t daring enough to invest in a pair of real leather pants, consider getting faux leather leggings or a faux leather jacket to dress up some of your more casual outfits.

Don’t buy faux leather that is shiny or that makes a loud noise when you walk – that is never a great look.

Getting Graphic

Graphics were a really big trend on the catwalk this year as well. Graphics are pretty much any pattern that you will find, but the ones this year were also reminiscent of the 80s. Try to find graphics that are geometric or printed so that they aren’t too over the top like some of the ones in the shows. Of course, graphic words are always going to be in style.

If you aren’t bold enough to incorporate graphics into your outfit, consider a graphic clutch or even a graphic purse to bring the style into your wardrobe.


Barrettes Are Back

Another 80s trend that is coming back with a vengeance? Barrettes! For those of us with longer hair, this will be a godsend. Don’t think that you can simply recycle that barrette that your mom used to put in your hair. Today’s barrettes are sleek, fashionable, and probably won’t pull your hair out from the root.


Which of these New York Fashion Week 2018 are you ready to incorporate into your wardrobe?

Image by etibbie licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)