How to Make Flannel Look Cute

Wearing flannel can be a bit of a game for some people – will it look cute or will I look like a lumberjack? For most people, the warmth and comfort of the flannel outweigh the somewhat pedestrian style. However – what if you could look and feel confident while you feel comfortable? Flannel isn’t really just one certain look, there are many different ways to wear and style it. Before reaching for that oversized look, consider one of the following ways to wear it:

For Your Jacket

Jackets are supposed to be warm, and we’ve already covered that flannel is one of the warmest fabrics on the market, so why not use it for that? Flannel jackets tend to be less bulky and thinner, giving you a more streamlined appearance anyway. Aim for jackets that have different patterns than you’d see on a traditional flannel, as they will be more versatile and work for all occasions.

Longer Versions

Want that traditional flannel look but don’t want to limit it to a shirt? Flannel dresses tend to be a bit cuter and easier to accessorize. Adding a great belt or a pair of heels can take something from lumberjack to festive and fun. Make sure to choose one that fits you to the body and hugs your curves – you don’t want to look like you just borrowed your boyfriend’s shirt.

As Pants

If you don’t really care about the look of the flannel at all and you just want something that will be warm and comfortable, flannel pants are a great investment. They stay comfortable and beautiful for a long time if you take care of them correctly (read those tags) and will always keep your legs warm. There are many different styles you can buy, including cropped lengths that are great for heels, sneakers, boots, or even just socks to lounge around in.

As a Detail

Flannel doesn’t have to be your entire outfit to get into the feeling of fall and the holidays. Instead, look for shirts that are more your style but that have simple details that evoke the feeling of flannel. There are many ways to do this, from simply adding a brooch that has flannel details to shirts that have a flannel lining. The possibilities are endless!

Traditional Shirt

Sometimes, we have to bit the bullet and just go for the real look. When purchasing a traditional flannel shirt, the look, feeling, and tailoring are all important. Take the time to either find a flannel shirt that really fits your needs or buy one that you like and have it tailored to fit your body shape. Since flannel is so strong, it will last you a lifetime.

Image by James DeMers is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)