Spring is here… let’s get planning that spring wardrobe.

Okay, I am sure for many of your reading this you are thinking “No sign of spring here yet” and are still dealing with ice cool temperatures and there is absolutely no way you are ready to get rid of you winter wardrobe in favour of lighter and cooler clothes. Truth is, over the coming weeks the first signs of spring will start to emerge and that will look different for everyone. Maybe the last signs of snow for the season will gradually start to melt away, maybe you will find yourself able to just go out in a sweater, or maybe (if you are lucky) you will start to be able to just wear a tank top outside. Wherever you live and whatever your first signs of spring are follow our top tips in planning that spring wardrobe right now.


Sweaters and Cardigans:

If you are able to start ditching your coat then you will want to have a range of sweaters and cardigans to still keep you warm while the days slowly start warming up. For most of us spring is not a time for immediately ditching the outer layers and being able to just wear t-shirts and tank tops. A slouchy sweater will keep you warm while still looking stylish, while a cardigan is a great addition to your outfit if there are times in the day that you might able to just get away with wearing a t-shirt, especially as spring edges towards summer.


Canvas Shoes:

Hopefully with most of the rain and snow behind us we can move into more summery shoes, and while it might not quite be time for sandals and flip flops just yet you can definitely guarantee that you will want something a bit lighter than those heavy snow boots. A pair of canvas shoes or a pair of espadrilles are the perfect transitional shoe when moving through the spring season.


T-Shirts and Camisole tops:

If you live in a slightly warmer climate then you might find yourself in just these sooner rather than later, but at least most of us should be wearing these by the time spring is heading towards summer. Casual t-shirts are perfect for warmer days and camisole tops work well either by themselves if you live in a warmer climate or under a sweater or cardigan.


A light jacket:

Spring can notoriously be a time of interchangeable weather, it can rain without warning and the temperature can rise and drop just like that. One of the best pieces of advice we have for the spring season is be prepared. You might want to pick up a denim jacket or a light coat to carry with you, just in case you are caught out in either the rain or the cold.


Image by HauteSwan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)