How to dress an apple body shape

An apple body shape is extremely common amongst women but it also understood to be one of the more difficult ones to dress, but never fear, there are a number of brilliant items and colors you can wear to dress your apple body shape to its best. Apple figures are noted for their broad shoulders and a larger bust while also having a narrower waist and hips. The apple figure is all about looking for balance, you will want to make your torso look longer while making your shoulders and bust look slimmer at the same time.


Dresses & Skirts:

With dresses, an apple body shape will want to highlight their smallest point which is the waist, while having a skirt which flares over the hips which is the most flattering. A skater dress typically pulls in at the waist and will help to flatter the apple body shape. Skirt wise, skirts that sit on the waist will help to draw attention to this area. An A-line skirt or flounce skirt is the most flattering style of skirts for the apple body shape. A flounce skirt is an ordinary A-line skirt with an additional ruffle sewn onto the bottom of the skirt which will help to draw attention away from the apples more problem areas. Being an apple figure can have its advantages, for example short skirts and dresses really suit and compliment the apple figure and help to show off those killer legs too.



Apple’s tend to have long, slim legs and therefore you will want to flatter and draw attention to this area. Select a pair of jeans which are either straight legged, skinny jeans or cropped.


Tops & Jackets:

Those with an apple body shape will want to pick looser fitting clothes which skim their curves rather than cling to them, this avoids anything looking too tight and flattering the wrong areas. Tailored shirts look great on an apple figure, as do tailored jackets, which make finding office wear even easier to do. Looser fitting t-shirts and tops flatter the apple figure and rounded hemmed tops help to cover the stomach area and draw attention away. You will want to avoid anything with a complicated pattern as this can have the opposite effect and instead of slimming you can make you end up looking larger at your largest points.


Anything monochrome, in tops and dresses and skirts will help to accentuate your best areas as well as helping you appear slimmer. If you do want to choose something with a color it is best to stick to block colors which will help to make you look slimmer and will add a brightness to your outfit without having to resort to any patterned items.


Image by LesBarkerDesign is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)