Flats That Go Beyond The Boring

Let’s be honest here – flats aren’t always the most flattering thing that we can wear on our feet. They sometimes make us look frumpy and stumpy, but what if they didn’t? The truth is that there are so many different flats out there that you can wear that will make your legs look just a long and luscious as heels do, but without the discomfort of heels.

Something That Shows Off Your Style

Just because your shoes are flat, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to show off your style. You can have flats that show off your impeccable taste – like a pair of flats from a higher class brand. Look for shoes that are well made and comfortable, above all else. This means that there is enough room in the toe box and that they fit you perfectly.

The Classic Black

If you have that outfit that you don’t know what to wear on your feet, then you have probably considered adding black booties, black sneakers, black heels, or black flats. These are the shoes that will match with everything you wear, and they will quickly become your favorite pair. Make sure that you get a favorite that is either extremely high quality and you take care of it OR get something that you can purchase again and again.

Something Professional

There is a tendency to feel like wearing flats will make you less professional than those who wear heels, but that doesn’t have to be the care. A pair of flats with professional details can be enough to keep you standing tall and proud – for longer than those who are wearing heels.

Make sure that you select a pair that uses high quality materials, especially if there are metallic accents.

Something With Glitz

For those of us who love to go out and dance and have fun, it can be difficult to find a pair of flats that are glitzy enough to really stand out. However, they are out there. Look for fun details like glitter, chains, colored soles, or even pointy toes. Just one of these is enough to make your flats fancy enough to wear anywhere you want to go.

Remember that you don’t have to give up your comfort to feel glamorous and fashionable – you just have to be picky about the shoes that you wear.

Image by HeliDm licensed under StockSnap (source: pixabay)