The Shoes You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

What are the shoes that you absolutely need to have in your wardrobe? We’ve done lists like this before, but with so many options, there are so many that you really should have. This is our list of some new shoes that you absolutely need to have:


A great pair of booties with a chunky heel help you to walk comfortably wherever you go, and still look great. These are the shoes you can wear when you are on your feet, when you are going on a date, or just when you want to feel put together when you are running errands.

Booties will get a lot of love, so you don’t have to feel badly about investing in a good pair.

Professional Shoes

Professional shoes are vastly overlooked and too many people are wearing inappropriate office shoes. Get a pair that is comfortable, stylish, and practical for what you do all day. Appropriate office shoes don’t have to sacrifice style. They can be great to add to any outfit.

You might be able to wear shoes that aren’t as comfortable because you sit all day, but if you are standing, you want to get shoes that you can feel comfortable in at all times.

Sensible Heels

Sensible heels are so important. In fact, they are so much more important than beautiful heels that you cannot walk in just yet.

Make sure that you have a sturdy heel, there isn’t anything rubbing, and that your shoes will take going up and down stairs, walking on uneven terrain, and sitting and standing quite a bit. You never know what you will encounter in life, but you can bet on those.

OTK Boots

Over the knee boots will always pull any outfit together, making it look like you are more stylish than you actually are. They look great over skinny jeans, nylons, leggings, or just bare legs. They are comfortable and, when you buy them properly, can last for a very long time.

Make sure that your boots will fit around your ankle, around your knee, and around your thigh. Sometimes this means that you will have to shop around, but sometimes you will get lucky.

Of course there are other shoes that we all need – running shoes, great heels for a party, sandals, flip flops, boots for the rain, and so many more options. However, these are the ones that a modern day (professional) fashionista needs to have.


Image by Pexels licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)