How to style: English Countryside Living

It is that time of year, where the weather is warmer and we all enjoy spending lots of time outside, where we enjoy living a bit more of an outdoors life, at least for a few months. Whether you live in the countryside or you just admire the English country fashion genre there are so many great fashion pieces which will help you create the desired look, whether it is for fashion or just convenience while spending your time outdoors.


What to wear on top

Depending on the season depends on whether you might need a long sleeved top or short sleeved t-shirt, but a t-shirt nonetheless is a great base layer for being outdoors. They are comfortable, look stylish with almost anything and help keep you especially cool in the summer.

If it is cold outside you might want to consider either a long sleeved t-shirt or sweater that will go right over the t-shirt. You can pair this with a padded gillet when it gets even colder which will help keep you upper body warm and not to mention right on trend.

No English countryside look is complete without a tweed jacket and come in both single breasted and double breasted versions, keeping you a little warmer on cooler days.


And on the bottom

On your bottom half you will want comfort as well as style, and a good comfortable pair of black cargo pants really works with this style. The cargo pants will leave you feel comfortable in you are out walking, tuck nicely into rain boots all the while helping you complete this look an ultimately look stylish. If the weather is warmer you can ditch the cargo pants and head into a comfortable pair of shorts.


What to do if it rains

Living in the countryside you have to be prepared for all kinds of weather and that can often mean having your wet weather gear close to hand as being out in the elements can mean an increased chance at being caught in the rain. Firstly you will want to get yourself some boots, and there are so many great rain boots which suit the entire family, but you really cannot go wrong with a pair of hunter rain boots, the epitome of countryside fashion. As well as a great pair of hunter rain boots you will want to get yourself a good rain coat. You can also team this with a good umbrella which makes a great countryside accessory.


What to avoid

Denim on the whole is a good one to avoid if you are trying to impersonate a good countryside style, particularly if you are emulating English Countryside fashion. Denim soaks through if it is raining and ends up not drying with any ease.

You will want to wear something sensible on your feet so best to avoid any smart shoes, heels and even sandals or flip flops, as they are conducive to walking through the countryside.



Image by Kaz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)