Surprising Fashion Trend of the Moment: Zebra Print

One of the most interesting trends that has emerged in the last few weeks has been zebra print. While that might seem like a strange print to come onto the fashion scene, many people have been spotted wearing this animalistic trend.

While it has been something that you’d see in the clubs, it hasn’t necessarily been something that you would see on the catwalk – but that has all changed now.

Want to be a part of this trend? Try some of these basic pieces:

Embrace The Whole Animal

Embracing the entire zebra might help some people to take on this trend. There are so many ways that you can embrace the entire zebra – you can find this motif on jewelry, shoes, patches, bags, and even some surprisingly adorable sweaters.

You can always cover up the zebra as much as you want or use it as the focal point of your outfit.

On Your Feet

If you are interested in wearing zebra print but you aren’t quite ready to take the leap into wearing some on your legs or as a dress, you can start with something small like your feet. There are so many great styles of shoes that you can find in zebra print, so you will certainly be able to find something you like.

The best thing to do is find something classic, like a great mule, that will have a twist of zebra print.

Go All The Way

Since the garment that started all of this was a zebra dress, why not go all the way with it? Of course, if that poofy sleeved dress isn’t quite your aesthetic, try something that just hints at zebra print or something that is in a shape that you feel comfortable wearing.

You don’t always have to embrace every trend, but this might be the perfect way to dip your toes into making a bolder statement.

Go A Little Funky

If you aren’t interested in black and white (because it can get a little boring, let’s be honest), you can try to embrace this trend using more neon colors. There are some great embroidery options on the market today, including sweaters with zebras, jackets, and even purses.

Will you be wearing zebra print? Or do you think you will try another animal print?

Image by Comfreak licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)