Stylish ways to see you into the New Year!

For those of you who celebrate we hope you had a wonderful time celebrating this holiday season, and for today we have an exciting post to get your ready for some 2017 style.   Jeans, Jeans, Jeans: When it comes to pants you really cannot go wrong with jeans. There are number of options you might want to choose from depending on what suits you … Continue reading Stylish ways to see you into the New Year!

Weekend Style

The weekend is full of strolling through the park, catching up with friends, eating brunch and enjoying time away from work, and as relaxed as it is you need to ensure you have a great outfit for each event.   Brunch with friends: Weekends were made for brunch and there is nothing better than catching up with friends over mimosas and eggs benedict. A pair … Continue reading Weekend Style

Find and Define Your Own Gorgeous Style

  Have you ever had a wardrobe clean-out and thought, “Jeeze! I can sure buy (and horde) some random things!” or “What in the world possessed me to but that?!” Being able to define your own personal style can really help you to avoid wasting any more money on those random, questionable purchases. And it will also give you a sense of confidence, not only … Continue reading Find and Define Your Own Gorgeous Style