Packing for some winter sunshine

One of the worst parts about those long, cold winters for those of us who live in some of the colder regions is just how long they seem to last. Something we can all do, finances depending, is a break to some winter sunshine. Yes, jetting away on vacation to find some winter sunshine definitely helps to cheer us up, wherever the sun is shining. Of course, if you are halfway through a cold, harsh winter the last thing you want to do is look at warm clothes nor can your brain quite remember what you like to wear in summer. No, instead your mind is completely focused on the winter, warm coats and snow boots. So today, as a little helper, we are going to run through some of our top tips on packing for some winter sunshine, so if your mind is 100% focused on the winter you will still be able to pack everything you need for your sun holiday.


Bathing Suits and Bikini’s

If you are off to get yourself some winter sun then you might want to indulge in a little bit of sunbathing or even swimming so do not forget to pack your swimwear.


Sun Lotion

This should be absolutely top of the list. Although we should all wear a small amount of SPF every day on our face (and, fun fact, many women do thanks to it being included in our foundations) you will want to be extra careful to get the right SPF for your winter sun holiday. Your skin will definitely not used to being exposed to warm sunshine so you will want to make sure you start with a very high factor to keep your skin protected against the suns harmful rays.


Sun tops and Shorts

Spending your days in the sunshine you will want to make sure you pack yourself enough camisole tops, tank tops, t-shirts and shorts. These are easy to throw on, will keep you cool and looking casual at all times.


Summer dresses

If you are looking for something loose to wear during the hot sunny days or even to dress up in the evening then do not forget to pack a few summer sun dresses.



When the days are hot and the evenings not much cooler a pair or two of sandals will be your best friend. If you do not want to keep your feet shut up inside shoes pick a nice pair of summer flip flops which will work perfectly around the pool or on the beach. Also a great pair of flat sandals will look perfect paired with a summer dress or even with shorts while out and about in the resort.


And finally…do not forget to take your winter coat. Nobody likes to get off the plane into the freezing cold without a coat. Remember, despite the lovely weather you have just flown from you will still need your winter coat when you get back home. It will definitely still be freezing cold.


Image by PublicDomainPictures is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)