What to wear to look stylishly fashionable while still feeling comfortable!

In your teens and twenties everything is about fashion, looking good, making sure you are right on trend, and while most of us carry this forward into our thirties, forties and beyond, there are times when we are just looking for a little bit of comfort. Whether you are looking for more comfortable shoes or pants that do not constantly cling to your body then look no further, today we are going to run through some comfortable choices to help you look stylish and on trend while giving you that little bit more comfort too.


High Waisted Jeans

Hello Godsend! If you have not been converted to the ways of high waisted jeans yet then trust me you are missing out! For those of us with hourglass body shapes who actually own a pair of hips then getting jeans can fit can be like buying a new mascara, its ok but never quite what you were looking for. High waisted jeans however, Hello! Firstly, great for helping you suck in that tummy, they don’t cut around your hips and they are far more comfortable than just about any jeans I have found out there on the market.


Do not be afraid of the yoga pants

Think yoga pants are just for yoga? Think again! If you are looking for something to keep you comfortable and look totally relaxed, then yoga pants might just be your thing. Another great thing about them is they are not tight around the tummy, so if you are anything like me and cannot stand tight clothing around your midriff then these might be a great option for you!


Flat shoes

Life is not all about the heels you know, and many of us actually manage to sneak through life without slipping our feet into anything other than comfortable flats and you know what, that’s ok! There are so many amazing different types of flat shoes and boots to suit all styles and personalities. From ankle boots and knee high flat boots, ballerina pumps and even espadrilles in the summer.


Oversized shirts

Still like to feel stylish but also want to look laid back too? Then try an oversized casual shirt paired with your brand new high waisted jeans or maybe a shirt dress paired with leggings. Shirts will help you to feel casual, relaxed while still looking effortlessly stylish too.


Image by Pexels is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)