What to wear to rock a snowy winter wedding!

Not the traditional time of year to get married, but many brides are looking to tie the knot in some of the coldest months of the year, many looking to get married with snow on the ground. While a winter wedding the snow is not only idyllic and beautiful but it also poses some more difficult questions fashion-wise for those of us who will be attending as guests. While the bride and groom will have catered for the snow covered event to keep you as warm as possible when it come to what to wear you are a guest and there is snow on the ground. It is not the easiest weather to plan for fashion-wise at the best of times, but it can be even harder when you need to dress up. Read on for today’s blog post on what to wear and how to rock that snowy winter wedding.


Consider a pant suit

You might be a dress kind of girl at heart but trust me you are going to want to keep your legs warm if it is snowing outside. Although many consider dresses the quintessential wedding outfit, if the weather is a cold outside then you will want to ensure that you keep warm, and with weddings you might be required to stand around for a short period of time after the wedding while the photos are being taken.


Pantyhose is essential

If you do decide to go for a dress, then pantyhose is going to be essential as in snowy weather the last thing you are going to want is bare legs in the snow. If you go for a darker colored dress then you might want to select a pair of black pantyhose, whereas light will be better of you have gone for a


Boots on your feet

Boots do not have to in the form of rain boots or walking boots, but instead you can select a great pair of either ankle or knee high boots. This will help not only keep your feet warm but will be suitable no matter what the winter weather does on the day.


Pack an umbrella

Winter is typically an unpredictable time of year and if you are attending a winter wedding, you may have the possibility of rain, sleet or snow. If you do not want to be caught unawares so make sure you pop an umbrella in the car or in your bag, just in case.


Your winter essentials are also essential

Even with the smallest amount of time spent outside you will still want to ensure that you have all of your winter essentials with you. From a great winter coat, to a scarf, hat and gloves, no matter what you have do not go without them as you will find yourself extremely cold when spending any time outside.


Image by Pexels is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)