The Best Men’s Hats Every Guy Should Know

We’re just going to come out and say it. Aside from baseball caps, hats are notoriously hard for guys to get right. Aiming for Cary Grant and looking more like K.Fed? Not ideal. But don’t give up hope! Much like the shoes you wear or the scent you spritz, the best men’s hats can take your style up a notch, setting you apart from your bare-headed brethren. Meaning? … Continue reading The Best Men’s Hats Every Guy Should Know

How to pick that summer hat to suit you!

Summer brings with it all kinds of conundrums and one of the most debated is “which hat suits me best”. Now for many of us we spend the year avoiding hats, only to succumb in the depths of winter when it feels as though the only other option is that we may lose our ears to frost bite. So when summer comes round and wearing … Continue reading How to pick that summer hat to suit you!

Stylish Men’s Rainwear Guide

  The change in season might promise the relief of frigid temperatures, but with Spring also comes those pesky and persistent Spring showers! Which leaves you with the age-old dilemma…do you dress for style or for practicality? Well, we pose this question instead…why not both? Yes, waterproof style is possible, and we’ve got some great options for you! Water-repellent or water-proof? You might be confused … Continue reading Stylish Men’s Rainwear Guide

Chic Menswear Trends for Spring 2016

  If you were thinking that Spring trends were just for women’s clothes, no way! Runways were full of bold and bright fashion offerings in menswear as well, and these trends are sure to breathe new life into your wardrobe, just in time for warmer Springtime temps! Window Check – Pattern is always a must, especially for Spring, since it just makes everything feel more … Continue reading Chic Menswear Trends for Spring 2016